All athletic jerseys must be turned in by Friday May24th. All fees for each athlete from all sports must be paid by Friday May 24th. Congrats to Girls Soccer 1st Championship in Merrill History

Grading System

Merrill uses a standards based grading system, grading students on both content standards and characteristics of a learner. The content standards indicate where the student currently stands at grade level expectations for proficiency, or mastery of that particular standard. Characteristics of a learner standards indicate how the student is behaving and following school wide and classroom policies on a regular basis.

Standards are ranked 1-4, with a 1 indicating well below grade level expectations, 2 indicating working towards grade level expectations but not yet there, 3 indicating at grade level expectations and a 4 indicating above grade level expectations.

Please note that many students will not necessarily be at grade level proficiency in an academic standard at the beginning of the year, but should be moving towards proficiency throughout the year. If a student is below expectations in characteristics of a learner, you may want to contact the teacher to discuss what expectations are to reach proficiency in this standard and what support can be given from home.