Bird Call Dine Out and Band Performance at Wash Park…a Perfect Combo!

Posted May 10, 2022

picture of birdcall chicken sandwich

Please order from Birdcall tomorrow, as it is a big one!  Birdcall is giving Merrill 35% back from all orders that use the code Merrill2.  This is offered all day (lunch and dinner!)  Order at, use code Merrill2.  Thank you for your support!  Dine-out Fundraiser for Merrill on May 10th all-day at Birdcall.  Feel free to treat your favorite teachers to lunch and have it delivered to Merrill tomorrow!  Send this menu to get their order and deliver time.Tuesday night is the band and orchestra performance at the Wash Park Boat House @5:15.  A perfect event to bring Birdcall chicken sandwiches and milkshakes while you enjoy the Merrill band performance!