Student-Led Conferences

Posted October 1, 2021

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Student-Led Conferences Purpose and Expectations: Oct.13th/ Oct.14th

The purpose of Student-Led Conferences are a tremendous way to center student’s voice and for students to be in the driver’s seat around conversations about their learning. The SLCs create opportunities for students to share evidence of growth and learning and to showcase what they are proud of in each class. (paraphrased from Street Data, pg 190). Each student has created a personal Merrill portfolio to do just this, share their learning from their perspective. 

Here is the basic timing and expectation for each conference: 

~ Families will log in with their student’s computer 

~ 3 minutes will be spent with students showing their learning in your class through the student portfolio (artifacts for growth and proud moments) 

~3 minutes will be spent in Schoology, looking at grades and missing/ late assignments

~ 4 minutes for open dialogue with families for an overall check-in time

Wednesday 10/13-Here
Thursday 10/14 Here

If you are need of translation during your conference, please state what language you will need in the comment section as shown.