Merrill Middle School

Enrichment Courses

Merrill Middle School strongly believes in giving students opportunities to explore passions and extend their thinking.  Below is a list of the enrichment courses we will offer for the 19-20 school year. Unless otherwise stated, enrichments are quarter long classes (9 weeks).


Mindfulness would be a semester long class that practices body and mind exercises for recognizing our emotional and physical responses to “triggers” in our environment.


Origami is more than just folding paper!!  From paper airplanes to infinity cubes, this is a 100% hands-on class where students explore the ancient art of origami.  Origami is not only fun but also has a positive impact on one’s mental, emotional and physical well-being. Come learn about this calming yet intensely engaging art form.  

Disc Golf:

Disc golf is a great recreational activity that everyone can get involved in.  Students will learn the rules and etiquette of the game, learn about top professionals in the sport and develop the skills to be successful on the course.  Throughout the 9 week course, time will be dedicated to putting, practicing throwing, and finish the quarter with playing several holes of disc golf around our campus.  Students need to bring a positive attitude and a willingness to learn a new skill. It’s a great way to get parents involved in the activity as well after students have learned how to play the game.


Have you ever wanted to type faster or with more accuracy?  Whether you are just starting out and learning the home keys to increasing speed and words per minute this enrichment is for you!  All skill levels welcome!

Animated Movies Through the Ages:

Animated movies have changed A LOT over the years.  In this enrichment we will explore the changes that have happened from the first drawn animated films to be made until today’s computer’s age films.  Watch as the technology and storytelling evolve and advance.


Sure, it’s pretty cool to be able to chop a wooden slab into two pieces, but TaeKwondo is so much more than just fist-pounding glee. Indeed, students will hone the skills of Focus and Discipline, which will benefit them in all academic and life pursuits. Along the way of earning the much-revered and greatly feared Black Belt, students will learn some Korean— can you say Kŏk-tchŏng ma-se-yo!–and also receive encouragement in writing essays and participating in community service projects.

Tutoring/Homework Help

This is an opportunity to get strategic support with one or more of your core classes and gives you a quiet, supportive environment to complete your homework.

Lego Robotics

“Everything is AWESOME” is the theme song of Lego Robotics. This course will engage students in the introductory methods of robotics and programming while practicing collaboration through interactive, inquiry-based exploration. Students will build and program robots from the Lego Mindstorms NXT platform to complete various tasks and missions, and compete in various competitions.

Broadway, Jr.

Ready to sing, act and dance on stage in a musical? Interested in learning about set design, costumes, props and make-up? This is your time to take the stage in a Merrill Broadway, Jr. production! Open to all students at Merrill. Prerequisite: Singing assessment with instructor.

Longboarding/Fun Fitness

The popular course is back!! Students who qualify for the course will be those who have shown supreme responsibility in the past and deserve another opportunity to have fun on the board. Students will also have the opportunity to learn fitness concepts and conditioning techniques used for obtaining optimal physical fitness. Students will be empowered to make wise choices, meet challenges, and develop positive behaviors in fitness, wellness, and movement activity for a lifetime.


Merrill has a fully equipped broadcast studio.

This course will engage students in a wide variety of film making techniques, along with being a part of our school News Team. Students are given a choice with their film projects, but are expected to integrate storyboarding, film editing, and camera techniques into each project. Students will have the opportunity to create Public Service Announcements, movie trailers, short videos, music videos, commercials, etc., to improve their knowledge of film production and to create a wide range of experiences.  Students use professional editing equipment and HD cameras to produce their work. The News Team will rotate throughout the course, and each group will have an opportunity to write scripts, operate the equipment, and be the on-camera talent. The videos created during the class will then be integrated into each broadcast for the entire school to enjoy.

Spanish Culture and Conversation

Los idiomas que hablamos son una parte clave de nuestra identidad. En este curso concentramos en nuestra identidad como hispanohablantes.  Regístrate para este curso si te gustaría aprender más del español y desarrollar sus habilidades lingüísticas en las áreas de lectura y escritura además de expandir tu vocabulario.  Las personas bilingües quienes pueden hablar, escribir y leer en más que un idioma tienen acceso a más trabajos y ganan más dinero que las personas quienes solo hablan un idioma. Este curso mejorará tus oportunidades e interacciones ahora y en el futuro.

I_Ready Math Support/Intervention

This class will offer individualized math lessons with one-on-one support conferences with the teacher. This class will also allow students to progress towards grade level.

Immigration and Multiculturalism in America:

In this class, we would read excerpts from Ronald Takaki’s book A Different Mirror for Young People: A History of Multicultural America (For Young People Series). Students will have the opportunity to learn when and why people migrate and immigrate. We will focus in on specific groups and their experiences in America. The groups would include but not be limited to African Americans Native Americans, Mexican and South Americans, middle eastern and Asian populations from the past into today.

Sources of Strength:

Peer Leaders will be a diverse group of individuals from ALL grade levels who leverage their personal and collective leadership qualities as well as their social influence in leading the charge in norming and culture change campaigns using strength-based messages to affect multiple issues including suicide.


With the rugby course, students will teach basic rugby skills and knowledge to where students are playing flag or touch rugby.


Do you love to create and express yourself? If so, then scrapbooking is for you. Scrapbooking is a way to creatively preserve your memories and express yourself. You will choose a topic, your photos and layouts, and learn how to journal, and use basic scrapbooking supplies and embelishments to create a scrapbook of your own. You can scrapbook about any passion…sports or activities you love, your family, your friends, vacations you have taken, anime, create a football playbook, recipes, your favorite ski runs, your favorite video games, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Social Justice:

We will focus on educating the school community on social justice issues impacting both the local community and the greater world. For example, we will pick a particular theme or issue for the semester, and plan MTV segments to education the community. Plus we will also fund raise to support organizations affiliated with the specific issues.

Space Science:

Have you ever wondered how we landed on the moon?  What about what an astronaut eats for lunch? Join Space Science and learn this and much more!  We learn the mechanics of rockets and design and build our own spacecraft. Students will have a chance to try some real-life astronaut training techniques and learn about the science experiments being conducted right now on the International Space Station. Finally, we will talk about how we will eventually travel to Mars and explore beyond our Solar System!


If you want to learn to play a string instrument- violin, viola, cello, bass- then join Orchestra! We will put on concerts, and create music and have lots of fun!

Arts & Crafts

We make arts & crafts in this class! Whatever you make, you get to keep!

Arduino Inventions

In this class, we take small computers, called Arduinos, and program them using hardware and software to do incredible things. If you want to learn how these work, join this enrichment!

Meditative Coloring

Have you ever felt stress or anxiety? 3 days a week, you can sit and color in a calming and relaxing environment. If you can sit and relax, you can feel better and refreshed for the future. Anxious about a test? Color away the stress. Drama? Color away the stress. You will even be able to draw your own pictures, if you want!

Strategic Games

Chess, a game in which two teams consist of pawns, knights, rooks, bishops, and a king and queen. As the year progresses, we may include more board games such as Checkers, Monopoloy, etc. But wait, there’s more! In this class, you can win prizes for winning tournaments. It’s all fun and games here!

Creative Writing

You will get to do some fun writing: writing your own stories and getting super creative!

Art Exploration

This class provides an opportunity for all students to experience and learn about Art, have extra time to practice and produce some artwork!

Star Wars, Harry Potter, & Hamilton

This enrichment is pretty much exactly what it sounds like!! Study, learn and enjoy some of the greatest pop culture phenomenon of the last 30 years in some cool new ways. We’ll discuss, debate and then experience different aspects of these rich rich cultural touchstones! Accio awesome end of the day!!!