Merrill Middle School


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1st PTSA MeetingMinutes 10/2/19


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The Merrill Middle School PTSA supports the school in the following ways:


Welcoming All Families: Actions for making families feel welcomed, valued and connected to each other and the school

  • Host a FALL PICNICcommunity building event to welcome families and connect with each other and the school
  • Assist and coordinate in a variety of All School Activities: PTSA Parties – International Day – Continuation


Communicating Effectively: The building blocks to effective communication between parents, schools and parent groups

  • Assist in the weekly Coordination of the Merrill Website – Jaguar Journal – Social Media
  • Facilitate VOLUNTEERS for Merrill as needed


Supporting Student Success: Encouraging parent involvement to heighten student achievement

  • Provide and serve food & drink at school-sponsored SOCIALSin the Fall & Spring
  • Fund tutoring services for students in need of additional assistance


Speaking Up for Every Child: Methods of becoming effective advocates for children and their education

  • Researching Options for Grants and Alternative Funding
  • Library Support – Student Council Liaison – PBIS Supplies


Sharing Power: Ways to share power between families, students, teachers, school staff and the community

  • Manage the MERRILL COMMUNITY FUND, a giving campaign to raise general funds to assist teachers and provide students with additional opportunities
  • Host TEACHER APPRECIATION breakfasts in the Fall and Spring


Collaborating with the Community: Resources for connecting the school with the community

  • Support teachers and staff at annual INTERNATIONAL DAY, event celebrating diversity at Merrill
  • Organize family DINE-OUT NIGHTfundraisers at local restaurants


Angie Swanson      Lisa Cervantes-Glynn           Jen Naused                Erika Sabatos

President                  Vice President                   Secretary                 Communications

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