Merrill Middle School

Long Description of Personal Success Factors

Long Description of personal success factors


  • Eager to explore new things
  • Asks questions to learn more
  • Takes an active interest in learning


  • Recognizes other people’s efforts
  • Shows appreciation for opportunities
  • Says thank you or does nice things for people


  • Finishes projects even when feeling like quitting
  • Sticks with a project or activity
  • Believes in possibility of improvement


School Work

  • Comes to class prepared
  • Remembers and follows directions
  • Gets to work right away instead of waiting until the last minute
  • Pays attention and resists distractions


  • Remains calm even when criticized or otherwise provoked
  • Allows others to speak without interrupting
  • Is polite to adults and peers

Social Intelligence

  • Able to find solutions during conflicts with others
  • Cares for others’ feelings
  • Adapts to different social situations


  • Actively participates
  • Shows enthusiasm
  • Approaches new situations with excitement and energy