Merrill Middle School

Math Class Placement for Incoming 6th Graders

Posted 01/20/2017

Thank you for considering Merrill Middle School as a placement option for your incoming 6thgrader!

Please read the following for more information about our advanced math courses and how to qualify.  Students have many options at Merrill for math placement in 6th grade.  Our mainstream 6th grade math is a rigorous curriculum which will support ALL students in their learning.  We will offer a placement test to incoming 6th grade students in May, to determine appropriate placement.  Students who test Advanced on this placement test, and earn Exceeds Expectations on PARCC will be placed in a 7th grade math class.  Students who demonstrate Proficiency on the placement test and earn Exceeds Expectations on PARCC will be placed honors 6th grade math.  This placement test is only necessary if you would like your child considered for 6th grade honors math or accelerated 7th grade math.  Please fill out the following form to indicate your interest: