Merrill Middle School

Vince Franklin

Dean of Culture/Athletic Director


Born and raised in Colorado, I love the beauty and serenity nature offers, which is why you’ll find me fishing during the summer. Although I appreciate the peace and self-reflection the outdoors brings, I am most naturally in my element when I’m surrounded by people. I love learning about people, I love conversation, and I most certainly love to see people laugh. I feel lucky that I get to immerse myself in all of these things, every day, at Merrill.

I earned my degree in Communication at the University of Northern Colorado and enjoy putting those skills to use to solve conflicts, build relationships, and entertain. Those who know me best might say I have a competitive edge… and am at times a bit stubborn.  I actually thrive on the pressure and responsibility that my Dean of Culture title comes with, and am passionate about using my creative energy and communications background to promote a healthy, interactive community. Entering my second year as Athletic Director, I’m looking forward to embracing my basketball roots, coaching young people, and winning.  As competitive as I may be, I believe deeply in the power of resiliency: I model its power, and I make it a priority to instill it in students. I also believe deeply in the power of fun- it feeds happiness, and I’m eager to bring a lot of it to our Merrill community this year!