Merrill Middle School

Patrice Underwood

Assistant Principal


I am a Denver native and proud to serve in the Denver Public Schools Community where I live and my children attend school. In first grade my class was asked to complete an “About Me” page. “When I grow up I want to be___________”, I confidently filled in: a dancer, a secretary and a teacher. I pursued education, and feel blessed to have known my true calling all along. I am passionate about equity in education, diversity and always putting students first. I believe in the power of possibility, relationships, expression, arts and project based learning opportunities. I am very excited to once again join the Merrill Middle School Community where I will learn about, from and with our students, families and staff. Outside of my career, I love spending time with my large immediate family, wonderful husband, Micah, and two amazing children, Baris and Josie. We especially love traveling, exploring new activities/sports, supporting the arts, learning and eating everything along the way. I also value being active through dancing, snowboarding, playing roller derby, and hiking.