Merrill Middle School

Honors Courses

2017-2018 Honors Courses

Merrill offers Honors courses in Math and Language Arts for all grade levels, 6-8.  Honors courses offer increased rigor and challenge and are for students who exceed grade level expectations.  Students qualify for honors by earning a score of “exceeds expectations” on CMAS/PARCC from Spring of the previous school year.  In addition, the following process is in place to ensure prospective students are appropriately placed in 6th grade honors math:

  • A placement test will be given in May to interested parents to assess student understanding/skills in both 5th AND 6th grade mathematics standards
  • Parents will be notified of this opportunity via email blast in early 2017
  • Students who score “advanced” on this placement test will be placed in 7 grade math
  • Students who score “high proficient” on the placement test will be placed in 6 grade math

Additional information about the honors mathematics trajectory:
The honors 6th grade math class will give students both 6th and 7th grade math, using pre-tests to determine areas of need in the 6th grade curriculum.  Students in this class will have the ability to accelerate to 8th grade math pending another placement test.  All placements are also contingent upon student’s scores on the PARCC test.

For a student who accelerates a year in math, they will take 7th grade math in 6th grade, 8th grade math in 7th grade, and they will take Geometry in 8th grade.