Merrill Middle School

18-19 School Supplies

Posted 06/04/2018


General List for All Students:

one – 2 or 2.5 inch 3 ring binder (recommended with zipper)

one–1 inch 3 ring binder

two–2-pocket folders (for LA and Spanish and ELD)

four – 3-subject spiral notebooks (at least 100 pages each)

three– sets of five – tab dividers

three–packs of lined looseleaf  notebook paper

one– pack of graph paper (for math)

three–packs of sticky notes (2 packs are for LA)

three – highlighters of different colors

twelve – blue or black pens

twenty-four – pencils

two–glue sticks

one–pencil pouch with zipper

one–set of colored pencils

two–boxes of tissues

one–set of earbuds for instructional listening/chromebook assessment activities

Additional items for 6th graders:

one–basic (four function) calculator

one 1.5 inch binder (for math)

Additional items for 7th graders:

one–scientific calculator (for math)

one-4-pack of dry erase markers (for math)

three–colored pens (for LA)

one-5-subject spiral notebook (for LA)

Additional items for 8th graders:

one–scientific calculator (for math)

One-3-subject 200 page notebook (for math)

**Please bring all supplies on the first day of school. E-mail Bianka Grijalva at with any questions. Thank you.